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Searching for a tow truck service company in Kelowna BC that will take care of all your towing service needs? Kelowna Towing is a locally owned and operated tow truck company that is built on quality customer service. Whether you need a cheap tow truck now, a long distance tow, emergency towing or 24HR roadside assistance, Kelowna Towing is here to help. Fast, reliable, trusted tow truck services for a price you can afford is guaranteed here at the best tow truck company in Kelowna BC.

Need A Trusted Tow Truck Driver In Kelowna BC?

Getting home safe and sound is the most important part of any roadside assistance call. With Kelowna Towing you are guaranteed to be relieved after we serve you right. We're affordable, efficient, friendly, and professional.
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24HR Towing In Kelowna BC

Is this an emergency tow? Kelowna Towing provides locals with emergency towing services at any hour of the day, whether it’s 1pm or midnight, we have you covered. We’re a call away and promise to get you home in a time efficient manner.

Junk Car And Scrap Car Removal In Kelowna BC

Have an antique vehicle that you are finally ready to part with? A scrap car that has been sitting and rusting for just too long? We provide Kelowna BC with not only the best tow truck service rates in the city but also junk car and scrap car removal!

Kelowna Towing Services For A Price You Can Afford

Kelowna Towing is a tow truck company that provides locals with the best towing service rates in Kelowna BC. We care about our locals and want to do everything we can to provide a sustainable and efficient service to help in anyway we can. If you have been searching for tow truck companies and need any form of roadside assistance or tow truck services, you found the right towing company. 

Lockout Assistance & Fuel Delivery Kelowna BC

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Whether you’re stuck out of your vehicle, or the fuel gauge on the dash is a little out of wonk, Kelowna Towing is here to help. We provide Kelowna and surrounding areas like West Kelowna with lockout assistance as well as fast and efficient fuel delivery services to help you get to where you would like to be. If you need a tow truck company that can take care of all your towing needs, call Kelowna Towing for your fast, free quote today!

The Best Tow Truck Service In Kelowna BC!

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We are a tow truck company in Kelowna that specializes in not only long distance towing but also emergency towing services. We provide quality customer service to a tee. If you have been looking for a fast tow in Kelowna, we’re a call away and guarantee satisfaction. Short distance tows, lockout assistance, jump starts and more at rates that won’t leave you puzzled and confused. Kelowna Towing is here to help, and here to stay.

Long Distance Towing & Short Distance Tows For The Best Rates In The City

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Kelowna Towing has been servicing Kelowna BC for over ten years and our trusted tow truck drivers are ready to assist you in any way we can to make you smile. From long distance towing to fast and efficient long distance tows, we’re here. If you have been on a quest for a tow truck company in the area and are searching for things like “tow truck near me” we’re right here waiting to help. East Kelowna, West Kelowna, Westbank and more-we have your roadside assistance needs covered. If this is an emergency and you need to speak with a trusted tow truck driver about getting home safe, please call now!

Tow Truck Kelowna And Towing Kelowna For A Price That Won't Break The Bank

Towing Kelowna and tow truck services… is this what you’ve been searching for? We tow boats, trailers, bobcats, farm equipment, motorcycles, buses, your big boy toys and more. Unlike many tow truck companies in Kelowna BC we choose not to limit ourselves. We have flatbed tow truck services and trained professionals capable of assisting you with anything you need hauled away or to a specific location far and wide. We have tow truck drivers trained to adapt and respond to emergency situations any hour of day. If you need a tow truck company that will serve you right, call Kelowna Towing today!

Towing Kelowna BC And Tow Truck Services

  • Long Distance Towing
  • Short Distance Tows
  • Emergency Lockout Assistance
  • Emergency Towing And Tow Truck Services
  • 24HR Roadside Assistance
  • Fast And Efficient Fuel Delivery Services
  • Junk Car Removal And Pick Up Service
  • Scrape Car Removal
  • The Best Cheap Tow Truck And Cheap Towing Rates In Kelowna BC
  • Guaranteed Satisfation And Professional Service
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Need A Cheap Tow Truck Now? Look No Further For Tow Truck Kelowna And Professionally Performed Cheap Towing Services

If you need a cheap tow truck now and have been searching specifically for tow truck Kelowna you have most certainly found the right local towing company. Here at Kelowna Towing we understand the stress that can be created from breaking down on the side of the road and not knowing exactly how to handle the situation. Our professional drivers do everything humanly possible to remove this stress from your life and take all the weight we can off your shoulders. We proudly operate twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year to ensure that we are available when something goes wrong on the road. Our team has a mission to provide locals with a cheap towing service that is guaranteed to be uplifting, always doing our very best to keep response times short and prices low. If you are in need of roadside assistance in Kelowna BC and have been searching for a local tow truck company that puts you and your needs first we guarantee you won’t be disappointed when working with Kelowna Towing. When calling for your quick and easy free quote directly over the phone we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our tow truck services and how we operate. Speak with one of our trusted representatives today to remove that stress and get the job done right for a price you can afford, we would love to hear from you! (250) 800-2622